How Artificial Green Walls Can Transform Your Hotel & Resort Lobby

Artificial green walls are an excellent way to improve the ordinary interior decor of your hotel or resort. They can boost employee morale, encourage relaxation, and improve the overall guest experience. The use of synthetic green walls in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and reception areas has increased in popularity over the years. Greener Walls specializes in bringing vitality to a usually drab and mundane-looking hotel lobby, making your customers’ stay more enjoyable.

Hotels and resorts rely heavily on customer satisfaction to maintain profitability. Artificial green walls are an excellent way to accomplish this. The addition of synthetic plant walls to a hotel or resort lobby is always a welcome sight. You don’t have to worry about sunshine or water, no matter where you are. Whether you want to green up an empty wall in your reception area or build a whole divider in your guest relations area, our hyper-realistic green wall panel system will improve the overall ambiance of any resort or lobby.

Benefits of Our Artificial Green Walls

If you want to transform your work or residential space into a tranquil zone that both relaxes and inspires, Greener Walls is the installer of choice. Our green walls can thrive anywhere and do not require water or light. This allows them to radiate a visually rich appeal while leaving both guests and visitors with a lasting impression. 

Here are the features you can expect from our synthetic plant walls:

Improve Overall Lobby or Hotel Backdrop

If you own or operate a hotel or resort, you know how important it is for your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. In the past, hotels struggled with this but not anymore. Today, you can contact Greener Walls for high-quality artificial green wall panels.

With our artificial green walls, your guests will immediately feel at home. You can instantly transform an otherwise ordinary-looking lobby into a stunningly immaculate habitat that both entices and relaxes your guests.

Low Maintenance

Hotels and resorts have tried a variety of approaches for revamping their lobbies. On occasion, they used natural plant walls. While these did add a touch of serenity to the lobby’s general vibe, they had an absurdly high level of maintenance.

For instance, natural plant walls require watering. This not only poses a structural risk to the building, but it also poses a fire hazard due to the presence of electrical lines within the walls. Additionally, natural plant walls cannot thrive in low-light conditions. This necessitates their placement near windows, under huge glass roofs, or in light-filled places such as the reception area. This meant exceedingly high maintenance costs in the long run.

A better approach is to install artificial green walls. They don’t require any water and can be easily installed indoors without the use of artificial lighting. As a result, they are less costly to maintain.

Installation is a Breeze

Our artificial green wall panels are remarkably easy to install. Unlike the natural plant walls, which require meticulous setup and design, synthetic plant walls consist of overlapping panels that can easily be interlocked to create a seamless flow that mimics a natural plant wall. Our attention to detail, along with the patent-pending technology in our panel and joint system, elevates our vertical gardens to a level of distinction unmatched in the industry.

Our in-house designers utilize the industry-renowned installation system provided by Vistafolia to create a synthetic plant wall that is versatile and robust. Here is what you can expect from our package:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy maintenance (panels can be removed and remounted relatively easily)
  • Optimum positioning
  • Highly lifelike (viewers cannot tell them from real plants)

UV Tested & Fire Resistant

Unlike natural plants, our artificial green wall panels are highly resistant to the sun’s UV rays. The irony of using natural plants is obvious: while they depend on sunlight to thrive, that exposes them to Ultraviolet rays, potentially damaging the foliage. With artificial green walls, this is never a concern.

Our synthetic plant walls are also highly fire-resistant. The Vistafolia vertical green walls have undergone rigorous fire testing to comply with all applicable fire codes and regulations.

Contact Us for More Information

Every artificial green wall from Greener Walls is gorgeous and distinctive. All of our synthetic walls are easy to install, low maintenance, UV tested, and fire-resistant. If you’re ready to give your hotel or resort lobby a much-needed makeover that will captivate and entice your guests, contact us today.