Outdoor Natural-Looking Green Wall

South London Living Green Wall Extension

Lightweight and designed for maximum flexibility, Vistafolia’s replica green wall panels are excellent for rooftop environments, providing an attractive, practical alternative to real planting.

We created a beautiful green area, set against the stunning London skyline for our client’s commercial terrace atop a prestigious building in central London. The roof garden commanded breathtaking views of the Thames River and famous London landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral. Vistafolia dressed up the perimeter railing with our Vistafolia panels to surround the terrace area with vibrant greenery outdoors, in keeping with the roof garden’s planting scheme.


Utilized as a meeting and events area for our client’s employees, this large commercial terrace featured naturalistic meadow planting and a generous lawn area, creating an inviting green sanctuary in the busy City financial district. Vistafolia provided a beautiful artificial green wall cladding solution for the perimeter area to fully immerse rooftop visitors into the urban oasis atmosphere of the space. The depth of planting and color on the installation provided a beautiful, organic foreground to views of the London skyline.

Roof terraces are hostile environments for living plants, which need to be hardy and drought-resistant to withstand constant wind and sun. Load-bearing concerns likewise limit the selection and number of plants to those that can preserve the structural integrity of the rooftop environment. Vistafolia’s lightweight panels minimize weight issues, eliminating the need to install an irrigation system, whilst our wide variety of plant species enhance the planting design.

The artificial greenery is also a space-saving solution, as the panels, which can be fitted flat onto the railing, do not encroach on the floor area of the terrace. With little maintenance needed on the green wall, Vistafolia’s cladding solution is ideal for busy, commercial areas requiring minimal disruption to daily activities.

Vistafolia’s UV-tested foliage panels, which come with a five-year limited-liability warranty, ensure robust color year-round. Our Vistafolia panels are rigorously tested to ISO standards, made to last and withstand any external environmental pressure (For technical specifications, please click here).

Vistafolia’s painstakingly detailed foliage panels look like the real thing—you have to touch and smell them to discover otherwise. Our versatile and innovative system offers creative design inspirations for architects and interior designers, providing them with an innovative and complementary plant display to transform facades into stunning vertical showcases of color, texture and composition.

The natural-looking, random arrangement of the foliage on Vistafolia’s Panels mimics the natural growing patterns of living plants, creating a realistic evocation of nature that provides the same aesthetic and therapeutic benefits as real planting.