Masterchef Logo Green Wall

Artificial Green Wall Logo Design

Vistafolia serves up new branding for MasterChef. Based on the original, British television series launched in 1990, MasterChef is a long-running TV show which invites members of the public to leave their home kitchens to pit their cooking skills against other culinary hopefuls.

Fun and moreish, the show is now in its 10th series and is an enduring favorite among foodies as it airs in more than 35 countries worldwide. Recently, the producers of the long-established program decided that the set and the branding were due for an update, and they looked to Vistafolia to do just that.

No strangers to the world of television, our crew were nonetheless delighted to be invited to ‘soup up’ the MasterChef set – and set about the project with enthusiasm.


The existing MasterChef set consisted of modern dining tables and chairs set against a wooden, geometric patterned backdrop. The set also featured a stage for the presenter, behind which was wood paneling and, the famous red neon, circular MasterChef logo. Taking inspiration from the warmth and coziness of cooking and camaraderie, the Vistafolia artificial wall team began by installing our signature panels to the space behind the somewhat start, geometric patterned wall. The different lengths of foliage from the Vistafolia panels create a realistic and seamless wall which added interest and depth to the modern space.

Next, the team set their sights on the MasterChef logo itself. Having decided that the stark red neon against a dark background made the logo look a little dated, the Vistafolia crew removed the backing of the log in order to place a mini Vistafolia garden behind the glowing red ‘M’ symbol. The finished effect was that of an exciting but homey logo which would still be instantly recognized by viewers.

Delivering style and good taste. The producers of the show were pleasantly surprised at just how fast and fuss-free the process of installing the greenery was and, were particularly impressed with the fact that the foliage requires almost zero maintenance. Also important was the fact that the high quality foliage is completely fire resistant and will not be harmed by the bright studio lighting as live vegetation would.

In television, its incredibly important that a show remain fresh and interesting and, so, it was of great interest to MasterChef that the Vistafolia foliage can be quickly and easily updated at any time by simply adding color boxes to the original design.

Led by Founder, Paul Adler, Vistafolia specializes in realistic, high quality, recyclable green walls for business and domestic use. Employing traditional horticultural techniques, each Vistafolia panel is handmade for a natural and beautiful look, every time.