Garden Green Walls

Green Panel Garden State

Vistafolia Lends A Hand In The Garden State. With increasingly busy lives, we all like to have our own haven to escape to and, for many, this comes in the form of a lush and peaceful garden or yard. Although living green panels and borders look fantastic – and can help to relieve stress – they do require a lot of expenditure, maintenance and fresh water. Like us humans, living greenery requires certain conditions in order to survive and thrive and a change in those conditions can have catastrophic results.

We witnessed an example of this when a client in New Jersey got in touch after a water supply failure left his vibrant garden dry and shriveled, destroying all his hard work in just a few days. The weather in New Jersey can be unpredictable and, is subject to hard freezes in the winter and the occasional, unseasonal hot spell – the latter of which signaled the end of our client’s garden during its period without water.


Following his garden calamity, the client had decided that, rather than start again with living vegetation, he would prefer to replace the dead greenery with hassle-free, artificial panels Rising to the challenge, the Vistafolia team began installing panels of vibrant green leaves and cut them down to fit the existing framework. The dead vegetation was removed from the fencing in the client’s garden and the green panels installed immediately in order to avoid unsightly gaps leading to a lack of privacy. All the loose foliage from the trimmed panels were tucked in to the panels to make the green wall look more natural and lush, minimizing wastage and generating great value for money.

The team then added our signature Vistafolia color boxes in order to produce a lifelike and texture-rich effect which would be picked out beautifully by the spotlights attached to the cladding above. The plantwork chosen was selected to specifically blend in with the client’s existing plants and flowers for a seamless and natural effect. Our Signature panels of incredibly high standards ensure that the client’s new garden will continue to look fresh and vibrant no matter what the weather throws at it.

Rain or shine – Vistafolia offers peace of mind. Astounded by the fact that the work had been completed in less than one day – including removal of the dead wall, the client was delighted with the results. As well as the fact that the wall looks great, it was a relief to the client that his new Vistafolia wall requires almost no maintenance – giving him the peace of mind of knowing that he will be spared a repeat of his recent disaster. The Vistafolia guarantee is that the client’s new living wall is UV protected and covered by our market-leading five-year warranty. More importantly, the client can now go on vacation, safe in the knowledge that a lack of water won’t end up pulling the plug on his new garden ever again.